Add Beauty & Style To Your Home With Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooringLooking to enhance your home's beauty and style? Add some value? At a budget friendly cost?

Vinyl flooring such as vinyl floor tiles, vinyl plank floors, VCT flooring, sheet vinyl floors and cove based floors are a perfect flooring option for all of the above reasons. Vinyl is a home designer (decorators) dream due to the fact that vinyl can imitate the look of real wood, tile and even marble -- but at a reasonable price that can fit into the most strictest budget.

Not only are vinyl floors affordable and stylish, but they are also an extremely durable floor. Vinyl floors are constructed in layers: the wear layer, the printed "decorative layer", an inner core consisting of foam, a vinyl layer and a backing. For vinyl floor installation, replacement or repair, please contact All Flooring Plus today!

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Vinyl Floor Installation Methods

  • Vinyl-flooring-installGlued — both vinyl sheet and tiles can be glued down to the sub-floor with a special adhesive made for this application. There’s also something called a ‘perimeter-adhered’ installation whereby just the periphery of the vinyl is glued down.
  • Floating (Glue-less) — floating installations mean the vinyl floor isn’t fastened or adhered to the subsurface. It’s usually associated with tiles but “loose-lay” vinyl sheet flooring is designed to just lay on the sub-floor with no adhesive or perhaps some tape at the edges and under seams. It usually has a fiberglass backing making it a bit stiffer than felt-backed vinyl.
  • Self-Adhesive — these are the “peel-and-stick” tiles that make for an easier installation than a fully glued floor. The adhesive is already applied to the tile and all that’s needed for installation is to position the tile and apply it to the floor.

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

kitchen-vinyl-sheet-flooringDurable and easy to maintain, this practical, affordable floor covering is continually improving in looks and performance! So why choose vinyl flooring for your home floor installation project?

  • Popular Flooring Choice - It is practical, durable, easy to maintain and the wide range of natural stone, wood and stunning mosaic designs make it stylish too.
  • An Affordable Flooring Material — The cost of vinyl flooring ranges from just under $1.00 to about $5.00 per square foot. In addition to affordable cost, looks are another bonus. Years ago, vinyl floors were a cheap material but did not look so great either. Today, vinyl flooring is beautiful with modern and bold patterns and even imitate the look of tile, hardwood and even marble — but much more comfortable on the feet.