What hardwoods are people buying?

Red oak remains strong in the sand and finish market.

White Oak has taken on a renaissance with a large number of character graded prefinished hardwoods.

Hickory remains strong, while being used more for distressed type floors or offering the rustic choice.

Lighter toned hardwoods in the likes of Maple and Birch have lost favor in their natural finished form, but are still desired for those seeking a cleaner contemporary look.

Exotics have taken a sizable hit as has bamboo.

Brazilian Cherry, the rage of 10 and 15 years past, is seen less and now replaced by the trendier character grade hardwoods.

Factory prefinished wood flooring remains the selection of choice over actual on site installation and finishing. Reasons include faster completion schedules as the flooring is ready to be used immediately instead of waiting for finishes to cure.