Wood Flooring Cleaning

Wood floors are simple and easy to clean. With conventional maintenance and consistent care, you can be certain that your hardwood floors will always look good. This can be expected for a couple of years without undergoing any type of renovation processes. Thus, in order to maintain the life span and beauty of your wood floor at home, follow the cleaning process in a proper way -- it is essential.

To obtain shiny and great looking wood floors, here are some of the wood floor cleaning tips for you to follow:

Frequent Sweeping

It is important to sweep or even mop the dust on the floor with a bristle and soft broom. You need to do this sweeping process twice or even three times a week depending on the amount of traffic in your room.

Vacuum Daily

Vacuuming is another beneficial option for people who don’t find the sweeping process comfortable. In order to make the wood floors clean, you need to vacuum your floor once or even twice a week to effortlessly remove all the dust and dirt.

Using a Cleaner

Wood floors should be wiped with gentle type of cleaners. For best and durable results, you need to make use of the solution of vinegar and water as it can immediately remove away stains and spots in your floor.

Avoid Using Water

Water (in large amounts) can cause permanent damage to your floor which can ruin its finishes and stains it very quickly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to mop your floor with a clean and damp cloth only.

Avoid Walking on the Floor With High Heels

High heels that you are commonly wearing can cause dents on the floor, hence you need to avoid wearing such type of footwear as much as possible.

Use Area Rugs

Walking across the wood floor area of your house for several times can wear down the finishes of your wood floor. To reduce chances of wearing and damages, you need to quickly install rugs at the entrance or even in high traffic areas of your house to assure of its high quality appeal and flexibility.

No Abrasive

Do not use alkaline products, ammonia or other abrasive cleaners in cleaning your wood floors at home. This is due to the fact that these products can just make your floor dull and create scratches and damages too.

Use Teabags

If you aim to obtain shiny floor, make use of boiling water and teabags. Tannic acid can help you in creating beautiful and shiny appeal on your floor.

Clean Stains Promptly

As soon as you have observed that there are already blot spills and stains in your floor, make use of an absorbent type of cloth. You also need to make sure to avoid liquids to go over your floors. To immediately remove buff dry and residues in your floor, you should follow the cleaning process with a damp towel.