Buying Guide: Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile or LVT has become very popular in the last few years. It has the realistic look of authentic stone, tile, and wood with textures that are almost identical as well. The maintenance for this type of flooring is hands down one of the best. Certain types of luxury vinyl flooring are also going to contain recycled content, which is great for consumers and manufacturers moving towards greener practices. luxury-vinyl-tileYou also should ask your flooring specialist if the particular type of vinyl flooring you are thinking about is made with antimicrobial protection to resist bacteria’s and mildew’s.

Luxury Vinyl Tile For You?

Here are some factors to consider when you are thinking about adding luxury vinyl tile into your home.

  • One of the first main reasons why this type of flooring may be ideal for your household is the fact that it is so easy to clean. All you need to do is sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly and your floors will be clean. You also may use a damp mop or cloth every couple weeks just to keep your floors free from dust. Another great way of keeping your floors maintain is to occasionally polish your luxury vinyl flooring. One thing you need to remember is not to wax or buff this type of surface. The low maintenance of this type of flooring is great for homeowners.
  • Areas in your home that are best for LVT installation are going to be for rooms with high traffic for rooms that are quite active. For instance, kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, laundry rooms, and children’s playrooms are excellent places to install this type of flooring. However, if you are thinking about choosing a higher end of luxury vinyl tile, then you can also install this in your living and dining areas. If you are thinking about installing this tile on your stairways, you need to consult with your flooring specialist to make sure that the particular type of tile you want is capable of that type of installation.
  • For homeowners with animals and pets, one of the common questions asked is “Pet-friendly or not?”. This type of flooring is extremely friendly with pets and it is also recommended. If you get a higher quality brand of luxury vinyl flooring, your pets are going to be just fine. You will not need to worry about any type of scratching and also will not have to worry about any messes that may happen.
  • The underlayment is also another reason why this type of flooring is so popular. Vinyl flooring can be installed over almost any type of flat dry surface. It is recommended that plywood be your underlayment, but if you have some other type of surface, it is a good idea to ask your flooring specialist if that is going to work. In some cases you may be able to install your new vinyl flooring tiles over linoleum or other surfaces, but you should always consult with the flooring specialist for further information.
  • There are also plenty of options to choose from in regards to different styles and looks that you might be trying to achieve. The best thing that you can do is shop around online so that you can see what different types of flooring are going to look the best for your home. Also, you can contact your local flooring specialist to see what is recommended for your flooring plan and the style of your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Cost Of Installation

luxury-vinyl-tileThe cost of installation is going to vary on where you live and how complex the installation process is going to be. If you have many different corners and different tiles that need to be cut, then you can expect to pay a bit more for installation. For approximately 500 ft.², the installation process is going to cost between $3000 – $3800. This is for a basic type of luxury vinyl tile. If you are thinking of getting a more expensive type of luxury vinyl tile, then of course you will need to add more money for materials. The labor on this type of installation is only going to be around eight hours. LVT installs quickly. You also will need to add supplies and tools for the installation. Overall this is not going to cost a great deal of money for 500 ft.². If you are thinking about installing more tile in other rooms of the house, you may be able to get some type of discount from your tile specialist. It is a good idea to discuss different options that you have to choose from, especially if you are thinking of making a switch involving your entire household to this flooring style.

Repairing Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Any time that you have a damaged vinyl tile, it is a good idea that you call the handyman or your tile specialist. Hopefully, during your installation process you ended up with a few extra tiles that will match your existing floor. If you do not have any extra tiles, then you will definitely need to contact it flooring specialist so that you can find a match. The repair process should be fairly easy, because if you have your handyman or flooring specialist do the job, then you are going to be getting the repair process done correctly. It is also a good idea that you find out about any type of warranty for your flooring. Also, if you are caught in a situation where you did not have extra tiles, now is the best time to purchase a few extras for the future just in case.