Wood Floor Refinishing Scottsdale, AZ | Sanding & Staining Wood Floors

Restore Your Scottsdale, AZ Wood Floors To Their Original Glory!

Wood Floor Refinishing Scottsdale, AZ
Professional Wood Floor Refinishing & Wood Floor Screening

Restore your wood floors, with our Scottsdale, AZ wood floor refinishing services. While hardwood floors are extremely durable and have long lifespans, every wood floor will loose its luster at some time. More quickly in high traffic areas. Wood floor refinishing can solve this issue. Sometimes, a complete wood floor refinishing is not required and you simply will need a screen and re-coat. Get a free in home consultation for your wood floor refinishing Scottsdale, AZ project.

In addition to refinishing wood floors in Scottsdale, AZ, we can also install and repair them as well. Get in touch with All Flooring Plus, we’d love to discuss your project in more detail.

Have You Discovered Worn Wood Floors?

Hardwood Floor Polishing Scottsdale, AZSometimes, typically new Scottsdale, AZ home buyers buy a home with carpet or other flooring material and decide to have new floors installed. However, it’s a common finding to uncover hardwood floors in older homes in Scottsdale, AZ. While they may look worn, refinishing your floors can probably restore them to their original beauty. If you have discovered wood floors, contact All Flooring Plus and see whether they are salvageable or not.

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Wood Floor Refinishing VS. Wood Floor Screen & Re-Coat

Wood floor refinishing Scottsdale, AZ is sometimes considered expensive but definitely worth the cost of saving your beautiful wood floors. Sometimes though, refinishing is not necessary. You can revive your wood floors more on-budget, so long as the damage is not extensive. Which option applies to your need: wood floor refinish or wood floor screening?

  • Scottsdale, AZ Wood Floor Refinishing
    A complete refinish requires sanding down to the bare wood. This method is ideal for wood floors that are in bad shape: that are very worn with stains, water damage or deep scratches. When you need hardwood floor refinishing Scottsdale, AZ services, you can count on All Flooring Plus.
  • Scottsdale, AZ Wood Floor Screen And Re-coat
    Screening is a method that will simply remove the top layer of polyurethane without cutting deeply into the wood itself. This method is ideal for floors that have small scratches, dull or where the finish is worn. Contact All Flooring Plus for a free no obligation estimate on your wood floor screen and re-coat Scottsdale, AZ project.

Costs Associated With Wood Floor Refinishing Scottsdale, AZ

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Scottsdale, AZ
Sand & Stain Wood Floors, Call 1-855-504-0110

Sanding Wood Floors Scottsdale, AZ will typically cost you around $1.80 per square foot. While staining wood floors Scottsdale, AZ will cost around $1.48 per square foot. Typically for a complete wood floor refinishing project, clients will not spend more than $4.50 per square foot. Keep in mind, there are several factors that can affect the cost of wood floor refinishing Scottsdale, AZ. For accurate estimates, contact us today!

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